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#RS303-Mosaic Pineapple Oblong

$125.00 USD
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This versatile scarf features relatively similar size hand-drawn mosaic pieces, mostly squares and rectangles, with almost every color in the rainbow. Again, we see the pineapple design welcoming all who come. The story of the pineapple revolves around seafaring captains from east coast ports including Charleston, who would impale fresh pineapples -- souvenirs of their lengthy travels to tropical ports -- atop the porch railings of their homes when they returned. It was a symbol then that the man of the house was home -- albeit briefly -- and receiving visitors. The pineapple is still visible today in the architecture and interior décor at homes throughout the South Carolina Lowcountry as a universal symbol of welcome. This scarf is a modal fabric which is a natural fiber produced from cellulose. The fabric is very soft to the touch and virtually wrinkle-free. This unique design, with such a variety of colors, will liven up most any day.

This scarf is delivered in our deluxe gift box, signed by the artist, and includes an insert with our Eden Shell story.