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My Story

I grew up on the coast of North Carolina and had no idea just how lucky we were at the time. My two grandfathers played a huge role in my upbringing and both loved spending time on the water.

Eden Shell Designer, Charleston artist George Roberts, on the lake with his family.

One always had a skiff so we were oystering, raking clams, and setting flounder nets around Sneads Ferry. My other grandfather had a beach house so we spent countless hours swimming, surfing, skim boarding, and surf fishing on Topsail Island. During the holidays when others were enjoying turkey and ham, we were enjoying a backyard oyster roast with my grandmother’s crackling cornbread.

Life on the water is special, and the memories will stay with all of us forever. Today, I am pushing the limits of watercolor and my brain for all things coastal combining my passion for art and the ocean into the Eden Shell brand. Coastal inspired subjects, bright colors, unique designs, all featuring my original artwork in watercolor. My goal is to paint daily, enjoy the beach as often as possible, laugh until I cry at least once a day, and create vibrant, top quality wearable art.

The Process

As the ocean provides an endless supply of colorful shell and sea life shapes, my process begins with an idea, basic sketch, and color palette in mind. Then I apply layers of paint to create the tones, contrast, and unique combinations of color. Watercolor is basically pigment suspended in water which allows for unique effects while still incorporating fine details within my designs. Glazing with layers and wet on wet techniques add depth and richness of color creating gradients which add much more dimension and interest compared to single colors. This process creates unique variations, almost out of control color but housed in a controlled space and design… controlled chaos much like the ocean.

Eden Shell Designer, Charleston artist George Roberts, in the process of creating his unique and beautiful Eden Shell items.

Once the artwork is complete, it is photographed and digitized to create the final scarf design to size. This completed digital image is reproduced on silk, silk/cotton blends, and other top quality fabrics. The scarves are then hand finished using the traditional method of hand rolling and stitched for the hems. This hand crafted process ensures your scarf will last for years to come.