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#RS305-Mosaic Palm Oblong

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I love working with tiny details and the mosaic patterns are a perfect example which allows me to use almost every color on my palette. A wide array of fuchsia, blues, purples, reds, and indigo create unique background sure to accentuate that special outfit. This scarf features palm trees seen along the coast throughout the South but especially here in South Carolina. The Palmetto Palm became the South Carolina state tree and adorned the state flag some years after the Battle of Fort Moultrie in 1776. Earlier that year, a crude palmetto-log fort had been built on Sullivan’s Island as a first line of defense for Charleston. On June 28, the formidable British fleet attached and a small American force, led by Colonel William Moultrie, held its position despite all-day shelling. Even though the British had far superior firepower at their disposal, the spongy palmetto logs and sand that comprised the American fort absorbed most of the enemy shells before they could explode.  

This scarf is delivered in our deluxe gift box, signed by the artist, and includes an insert with our Eden Shell story.